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Did you know that here in Terre Haute the water is considered to be hard?

Water that tests above 5 gpm (grains per million) is considered to be hard and can affect your water heater, faucets and your appliances such as dishwashers, washers and coffee pots.

Most of Terre Haute’s water that we’ve tested is between 28 and 35 gpm!


That’s extremely hard water compared to other regions of the United States where 2 gpm would be the normal reading.

Most companies would recommend a water softener when it comes to reducing hard water. This is not always convenient for people who are handicapped, elderly or disabled due to heavy bags of salt and required maintenance.


Do we offer water softeners?

Yes. Some of our customers enjoy the way a water softener makes their clothing and skin feel after a shower.

We also offer an alternative water conditioning system  that does not require any salt or maintenance.  This is the Scale Blaster system.

Did you know?

GPM stands for “grains per million”.

Anything above 5 gpm is considered to be hard water.

Hard water vs treated water


Normal Water GPM


Terre Haute Water GPM

Once the Scale Blaster product is installed it changes the water molecules so that it doesn’t collect on your faucets and more importantly it helps keep your water heater clean and operating at energy efficient levels.

Able 2 Experts:

A water heater is the largest appliance in your home and calcium begins to accumulate immediately after installation which can cause your energy bill to soar out of control.  Electric water heaters tend to be affected even more because they have heating elements inside them which are in direct contact with the water thus causing the calcium to begin to accumulate immediately when the water heater is powered up.

Rheem water heater

When we install a new water heater, we test the water before it is activated.

This helps us determine how often it should be flushed. The manufacturer recommends flushing the water heater no less than once a year!  We take that a step further! If the water tests above 25 gpm hardness then we will flush your water heater at least twice a year at no additional charge.  That keeps the water heater operating at maximum performance thus keeping your operating costs low.  We do however recommend a water softener or Scale Blaster system to keep your water heater functioning at its optimal level.

Lets talk about warranties on water heaters.

A 6-year warranty comes with most water heaters today.  A 9-year warranty and a 12-year warranty water heater can be different than a 6-year water heater and here’s why: an anode rod (a metal rod installed by the manufacturer at the factory) is a sacrificial metal meant to protect the water tank and to help keep corrosion from affecting the tank and affecting the overall performance of the heater as it ages.

Some water heater manufacturers install 2 of these rods in their tanks for a 9-year or a 12-year warranties. That’s how the warranty gets extended, not by installing a 6-year tank and charging more for a longer warranty!!!!!  IF YOU ARE PAYING FOR A LONGER WARRANTY, ask the technician for the phone number to the manufacturer that made it and call them. It’s YOUR MONEY! 

We offer tankless water heater units but we must install a water softener or salt-less water conditioner or you must have a working water softener or conditioner already in place!

Tankless water heater manufacturers require a softener or conditioner be used in conjunction with their product in order to validate the warranty. Otherwise the warranty will be cancelled or voided.  If we are to install such an expensive item in your home we want it to last. We can’t offer a warranty without following the manufacturer’s recommendations on softening the water or changing the water molecules.

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